Choosing the Best Social Media Ad for Your Goals

Social media is super popular these days. Billions of people use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Businesses use social media ads to reach customers and make sales. But there are many different types of social media ads. Choosing the right type of ad is important if you want to meet your goals. This guide will explain the various ad types and when to use each one.

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Boosting Brand Awareness

If your main goal is to get your brand's name out there, try these ad types:

1. Boosted Posts (Facebook and Instagram)

Boosting a post means paying to show one of your existing posts to more people outside of your followers. Use eye-catching photos, videos or stories to introduce your brand.

2. Video View Ads (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

Video ads are great for grabbing attention. They allow you to showcase products or tell your brand's story through video. More people will see and remember your brand.

Building Interest

Once people know about your brand, you want to get them interested in what you offer. Use these ads:

1. Carousel Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Carousel ads show multiple images or videos in one ad. You can highlight different products, customer reviews, or tell an engaging brand story.

2. Collection Ads (Facebook, Instagram)

These ads let people browse and buy products without leaving the app. They provide a smooth online shopping experience.

3. Driving Sales and Conversions

When you want people to take an action like buy something or sign up, try:

4. Lead Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Lead ads make it easy for people to share contact info with you by filling out a form right in the ad.

5. Conversion Ads (Facebook, Instagram)

These are designed to get people to take a specific action like making a purchase or registering for an event.

6. Re-Engaging Existing Audiences

Bringing people back to your website or app is important too

7. Dynamic Ads (Facebook, Instagram)

These automated ads show people products they've already looked at on your site or app to remind them.

8. Remarketing Ads (Google Ads)

Remarketing brings people who've visited your site back by showing them your ads around the web.

Promoting Mobile Apps

If you have an app, you can use these ads:

1. App Install Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads)

Get people to download your app by showing them these ads.

2. App Engagement Ads (Facebook, Instagram)

Re-engage existing app users and show them new features or offers.

Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Ad Type for Your Goals

That's a dizzying selection of advertising; how can you know which ones are best for your ad campaign?

Determine your ad campaign goals.

You can't know which ad formats are best for your organization until you have a specific goal for your social media ad campaign. So, first, ask yourself what you hope to accomplish. Do you want to acquire qualified leads? Sell products? Publicize an event? How can you get more people to like your Facebook page? You'll be able to select the appropriate types of adverts once you've determined your goals.

Consider all relevant types of advertisements.

Once you've chosen the purpose of your Facebook advertisements campaign, take a look at all of the above alternatives and consider which. For example, if you want to increase brand buzz, post engagement advertisements and page "Like" ads can help encourage more people to interact with your company and raise brand awareness.

Create many ads for your campaign.

Facebook makes it simple to produce advertising and get them in front of Facebook users, thus we strongly advise employing a variety of ad kinds for your campaign, including image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Feel free to use any adverts that will assist you achieve your marketing objectives.

Targeting The Right Audience

It's critical to target the proper audience with your Facebook ads. For example, if you're advertising a hardware business in Sydney, you don't want to spend money targeting a Facebook user in Melbourne.

So, spend plenty of time establishing custom audiences on Facebook and using the Facebook Ads platform's demographic filters to get your ads in front of the right customers at the right times.

Measure Results For Better Outcomes

Once your ad campaign is live, keep track of how each ad is performing. This allows you to measure the present success of your campaign while also improving your adverts in the future.

Just remember, social media will greedily soak up all the time you have and still make you feel like you're not putting enough energy into it, so before you open a new channel, ask yourself if you have the resources necessary to be successful.

Bonus tip: Once you're on more than one social media platform, make sure to tailor your content to the communication behavior and audience expectations for each channel. Don't publish the same message across all your channels.

There are many types of social media ads. Knowing which ones to use for goals like brand awareness, sales, or app promotion is really important. Choose the right ads, customize them for your audience, and you'll be way more likely to succeed!